Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is a procedure that relies on the use of some medications that make a patient to relax and be calm during an oral treatment. In most cases the patients stay awake during their treatment, except where general anesthesia like intravenous (IV) sedation is used instead.

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Why Is Sedation Dentistry Important?

Sedation dentistry is important when dealing with complex dental procedures. A good example is extensive makeovers that need multiple encounters with your dentist to perform. Because of the nature of dental rebuilding treatment, you might be reluctant to seek medication for fear of undergoing such complicated and long procedures. However, sedation dentistry makes you feel like your treatment lasts only for a few minutes when the whole process takes several hours to execute.

Sedation dentistry can be recommended for you under the following circumstances:

  • Your teeth are very sensitive
  • You don’t get numb
  • Fear of needles
  • You cannot control your movements
  • You have a complex dental issue
  • You’ve had a traumatizing dental experience in the past

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What Is the Procedure?

Sedation dentistry takes different forms and the recommended process will depend on the level of your anxiety. Also, remember that each of these methods achieves varying sedation results and below are the main methods you can find today:

  • Nitrous oxide – Your dentist can use laughing gas (nitrous oxide) as a form of very light sedation for your treatment. It won’t knock you out completely and therefore you’ll still be awake during the treatment. All you’ll feel is being relaxed and calm, and afterwards you’ll manage to drive yourself back home
  • Sedative pills – Your dental hygienist may administer this mild-to-moderate oral sedation during your treatment. Although you’ll stay awake and you can respond during the procedure, it is advisable for a friend or family member to go with you because the oral pills can make you slightly groggy, and you’ll, therefore, need somebody to drive you back home
  • Intravenous sedation (IV) – As the highest level of dental sedation, it is administered through a needle injection. Although during treatment you’ll be able to respond and breathe on your own, in most cases you’ll not recollect what happened during the procedure afterwards. You will need someone to drive you home because IV sedation takes several hours to wear off


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