Dr. Marwan Hameed

Dr. Marwan career background dates back in 1999 when he graduated from the Dental School in Iraq. He practised general dentistry in the Middle East for several years before moving to Canada, where he enrolled in a continuing dental education program. Today, he is a practising dentist at the Lakeshore Smiles Dentistry, Ontario.

The chance to study in Canada did not come by chance for Dr. Hameed. He had to sit for a pre-entry exam that he emerged position two out of the total number of 572 participants. His excellent performance secured him a position to study for two years in the Dental School, University of British Columbia. Later he obtained a working permit from the Canadian Dental Board to practice in the country.

Practising in dentistry needs one to keep abreast with emerging technology and corresponding skills specific to this field. Understanding this fact, Dr. Hameed has been pursuing many dental courses in Canada and abroad. Today, he is confident that he can handle even the most complicated dental surgery, just like he has been surgically placing dental implants in Canada over the years.

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As an oral health practitioner, Dr. Hameed is affiliated with several medical and dental organisations, including the Ontario Dental Association, Canadian Dental Association, and the British Columbia Association.

The journey to be a fully certified dentist was not an easy one for Dr. Hameed, but it is because of his determination and passion in sciences that motivated him to endure. He strongly believes that his patients are also his neighbours and friends and he goes out of his way to offer excellent services. That explains why Dr. Hameed engages in providing voluntary dental care to patients living in British Columbia and Northern Ontario rural regions.

Throughout his professional life, Dr. Hameed has held key positions where he performed Invisalign alignment treatment, dental implants, Wisdom teeth extraction, and complex surgeries such as root canal therapy. Additionally, he attended a 2010 dental exchange program held in Japan as a delegate for the University of British Columbia. The exchange program allowed him to practice general dentistry in Niigata and Tokyo, through which he acquired hands-on skills and experience of working in a multiculturally diverse environment.

On top of everything, Dr. Hameed is a married man and upholds family values both in his professional and private life. Dr. Hameed and his wife Samar are blessed with a daughter named Jenna, and they spend time together travelling, swimming, and playing tennis.

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