Dentures are removable, artificial appliances that are designed to replace your natural teeth and gum. A denture comprises of replacement tooth/teeth made from nylon, acrylic, or metal and a special bone that acts as an anchor. If they are well fitted and cared for properly, they can last for up to 15 years.


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Why You Might Need a Denture

A disease, accident, or poor oral health can leave you with missing teeth, which need to be replaced for normal functioning and esthetic purposes of your mouth. Dentures provide an economical bespoke resolution that can save you the hurdles of missing teeth. Thus, you should consider getting dentures if you need to:

  • Prevent dental issues linked to tooth loss
  • Restore your eating and speaking ability
  • Improve your appearance and restore your self-confidence
  • Ease the strain on teeth adjacent to the gap
  • Fix a bite by preventing any leaning or tilting from the remaining teeth
  • Reduce the risks of gum disease, triggered by bacteria trapped in the gap

Replace All Your Missing Teeth

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What Is The Process To Do It?

Getting dentures may require several appointments depending on the type your specialist decide is best for your dental issue. It will also involve choosing the shape, size, and colour of denture that fits your mouth and natural beauty. Here is what to expect when getting denture treatment:

Initial Consultation
First, the Denturist will carry out a thorough assessment that may include gum and jawbone x-rays to establish if dentures are the best route of treatment. The procedure then proceeds depending on the type of dentures you are getting.

Complete Dentures
Complete dentures are used to replace all your natural teeth and can either be conventional or immediate.
For conventional complete dentures, the Denturist will take the model of your gums and mouth to customize the dentures. Then s/he removes any remaining teeth, and the gum/s are allowed to heal. The healing duration varies depending on how many teeth you removed (but it typically takes 8 to 12 weeks). The dentist will then fit in the dentures.
If you prefer immediate dentures, fitting is done immediately after extraction of the remaining teeth. Thus, the specialist ought to have made the impressions in an appointment preceding the extraction. They also require adjustment once the gum shrinks, normally around 3 months after the procedure.

Partial dentures (used to replace one or more teeth)
After confirming that your remaining teeth are healthy, the Denturist will take an impression and design the partial denture. Once the set is ready, the specialist cleans the gap(s) and fastens the denture to the teeth with a metal clasp. Alternatively, crowns can be placed over a few of the natural teeth to act as anchors for the denture.

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