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Children Dentistry

What Is Children’s Dentistry?

Children or pediatric dentistry is a special type of dentistry that emphasises on the different needs of your children’s oral health and well-being. That includes a focus on teeth growth and development, child dental behaviour, management and treatment of any dental issues. The speciality covers infants and teenagers of up to around 16 years.


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    Why Do You Need Children Dentistry?

    Primary teeth or baby teeth are essential in the preparation and formation of the permanent teeth. Yet, both sets of teeth (baby and permanent) can influence your child’s appearance, confidence, speech development, as well as the ability to chew properly. As such, your child may need to see a pediatric dentist for the following reasons:

    • To maintain clean and lovely teeth
    • Continuous care and monitoring allows for healthy teeth growth and development
    • To prevent tooth decay or dental caries
    • For early dental issue detection and intervention
    • For aesthetic dentistry that will restore or improve your child’s smile
    • For extractions that are necessary for primary teeth removal or orthodontic purpose
    • As soon as the permanent teeth start emerging, the physician will align them correctly by slenderizing the primary ones

    Protect child’s oral health

    Boost Your Child’s Smile and Confidence with Our Pediatric Dentistry Services

    The Children Dentistry Life Cycle

    Experts recommend that every child should have their first dental visit not later than the first birthday and every six months after that. Besides safeguarding your child’s oral health, regular visits help children to familiarise and get comfortable in the dental ambience to ease treatment. Here is what you can expect from the pediatric dentist visit:

    Oral Examination

    If necessary, the dentist will clean your child’s teeth gently by polishing them and removing plaque build-up or stains. Then, s/he will perform a tender but comprehensive examination of the teeth, bite, jaw, gums, and oral tissues. The analysis is crucial in monitoring growth & development and effects of pacifier usage and thumb sucking on your baby’s teeth. The assessment also allows the dentist to diagnose problems such as a cavity, gum diseases, ulcers, and gingivitis early.


    After diagnosing any dental problem, the dentist will recommend ways to intervene before it worsens. The dentist may take preventive measures such as the use of fluoride or sealants to prevent tooth decay. S/he may incorporate restorative dentistry such as fillings and crowns or aesthetic dentistry including braces, bite correction, or extraction to fix your child’s dental issues.


    Through demonstrations, the dentist will teach you and your children the techniques of proper brushing and flossing, which you can practice at home. S/he will also enlighten you about proper nutrition, teething, and developmental milestones.

    Why Choose Us?

    With a board-certified and experienced pediatric dentist, Mississauga Smiles Dentistry offers a comprehensive oral healthcare for your children. We understand that our patients expect to be treated with care, kindness, and compassion, and that’s what you can expect each time you visit our office. Our schedule timing is very flexible, and we can help you process your insurance claims in due time. Besides, we usually have attractive offers, just inquire with the office.

    If you have questions or concerns about pediatric dentistry, please contact our office at (905) 270-2003 and we will gladly help!

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    We have invested a lot of resources on the technology behind our dental equipment. Advanced technology would lead to better diagnosis and treatment. Some of the procedures could now be completed in a single day instead of couple of weeks like it used to be.


    Our dentist clinic is located on Burnhamthorpe Road, a prime location in the heart of Mississauga. Just a couple blocks away from Square One Shopping Mall. Plenty of free parking slots available (free parking entrance). Visit our practice and enjoy our unique experience.


    Our patients do not have to contact their insurance companies to process their insurance claims. Our staff would do that on behalf of our patients. We accept direct billing assignment to minimise the hassle and enhance our patients’ experience.


    We facilitate the dental treatment financial matters for our patients. Depending on the treatment plan, payment options could be arranged for our patients through our financing partners. Please feel free to discuss this with our staff when you visit our clinic.


    We understand the challenge of finding the time to visit the dentist. Hence, our practice is open for extended hours during weekdays. We are also open on Saturdays to cater for patients who prefer weekend treatment.


    The wellbeing of our patients comes at a very high level in our priorities scale. If you have an emergency and think that you need to see a dentist immediately, please contact us on (905) 270-2003 and our staff would spare no effort to see you asap.

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    Lynn, my hygienist whom I see every four months, has this incredible way of making the dental visit surprisingly enjoyable. The reception team is not only welcoming but also super knowledgeable, and every staff member seems genuinely happy to see me.
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    I had an outstanding experience at this dental practice! From the moment I walked in, the staff made me feel incredibly welcome and at ease.

    The dentists were not only knowledgeable but also took the time to thoroughly explain the treatment options available to me. The entire process, from the initial consultation to the final adjustments, was seamless and efficient. The office itself is modern, and comfortable, which added to the overall positive atmosphere. I am delighted with the results and can confidently recommend this practice to anyone seeking top-notch oral care and a fantastic smile transformation.

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    The best dentist and dental clinic I’ve ever been. The staff are friendly and accommodating from the time I walk into the moment I walk out of their clinic. I had my root canal and dental crown done and as expected it was exceptional and the procedure was done professionally.

    They also made sure that I am comfortable while they are doing the procedure. I received an exceptional service and Dr. Mohamad Khorshid is really great! If you are looking for a dentist and dental clinic to take care of you, I would highly recommend Mississauga Smiles Dentistry. I’m a regular client since 2018 and they really took good care of all my other dental needs.

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