A dental veneer is an extra layer placed over your tooth. Whereas a composite veneer is placed directly over the target tooth, a porcelain veneer is fabricated in a dental lab and fitted afterwards using a resin cement like Panavia. Veneers are not only used for aesthetics but for restorative purposes as well.

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Are Dental Veneers Important?

No matter how hard you try, sometimes it proves almost impossible to keep an ideal set of teeth. Therefore, the chances of getting irreversible teeth conditions are high. When it happens to you, know there is available cosmetic dentistry to revive your hope and smile. The following are some of the conditions that dental veneer(s) can resolve:

  • Gives you a pearly white shade to correct yellow or brownish teeth
  • Corrects your dental bite, may it be crowded teeth, underbite or overbite
  • It helps avoid leftover feed sticking to your teeth, thus protecting you from oral diseases and cavities
  • Because they are made from a strong material like porcelain, veneers can reinforce loose teeth
  • Can be used to straighten teeth that have protruded in an undesirable direction
  • And moreā€¦

Reinforce Your Loose Teeth with Veneers

Avoid losing your loose teeth by reinforcing them with dental veneers made from some strong materials like porcelain

Getting Your Set of Dental Veneers

If you believe your teeth can be reshaped, or their position needs a little bit shifting, a veneer consultation with your dentist comes in handy. The procedure below will make things much easier for you during the entire process.

  1. Visit your local cosmetic dentist for assessment and advice on whether veneers can be a perfect solution for you. Be honest with yourself and openly tell your oral hygienist what you want to be corrected. S/he will discuss with you about the alternate solutions available for your case. If the recommendation of your dentist is that you need veneers, get it done!
  2. Your dentist will go ahead to analyze your smile and accurately define what’s necessary to get it done the way you want it to be. For the best result, a diagnostic mock-up organized by your dentist will let you try on different procedures and veneers until you get a design that matches your taste and preference.
  3. Your dentist will create a cosmetic imaging, or call it a photo, that will show you how your final smile will look.
  4. Finally, after settling on all details, your dentist will place your veneer (composite) or you’ll be informed to come for them (porcelain) later.

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