Dental bridges and crowns are permanent, prosthetic appliances that are bonded onto existing teeth or implants to cover an area where one or more teeth are missing, chipped or discoloured. Crown is precisely designed to cover the entire surface of a single tooth, rebuilding its original shape and size, whereas bridges replace missing teeth with one or more prosthetic teeth attached to dental crowns or implants. If you’ve missing or unappealing tooth/teeth, dental bridges or crowns could be the perfect solution for you.

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When Do You Need Crowns and Bridges?

Like the rest of the body, teeth are prone to various conditions that can cause the glimmer of a healthy mouth to fade and wear. Consequently, you may end up with missing tooth/teeth. Dental bridges and crowns are a restorative dentistry that comes in handy:

  • If you’ve a tooth that’s had root canal treatment and requires a restoration
  • If your tooth has a significant aesthetic flaw
  • To stop the existing teeth from drifting out of place
  • Avoid bad bites triggered by gaps left by missing teeth
  • Restore your aptitude to chew and speak properly
  • Maintain the silhouette of your face

Get Back What Once Was Yours

We can improve and fortify your smile with quality dental bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Getting a dental bridge and crown is a simple and straightforward process that requires you to have healthy teeth adjacent to the gap. The procedure can be completed in two dental visits and here’s what to expect:


First, the dentist will examine your mouth thoroughly to ensure that a bridge or crown is the best dentistry to suit your dental issues and preferences. If you’re a potential candidate, s/he will clean the missing gap for the bridge. For the crown, the specialist will file the tooth to allow the crown to fit over the tooth properly without pushing others out of place.

Taking Impression

The specialist will take an impression, which will provide the exact mold for the bridge and crowns. You and your specialist will decide the best material and shade to suit your preferences.

Temporary Set

While your customized bridge or crown is being designed, a temporary one will be installed to cover the gapped site or prepared surface to protect the exposed area which is very sensitive.

The final stage

Once the permanent bridge or crown is ready, the temporary ones are removed and the area is cleaned. The permanent bridge or crown is then bonded over the prepared site.

You Can Rely on Us

Broken and missing teeth can take a toll on your image and confidence, in addition to a myriad of oral health issues. To restore your smile, Mississauga Smiles Dentistry offers high-quality dental crowns and bridges for patients in Mississauga and surrounding areas. Our schedule is very flexible, and we have regular offers to our patients (please check with our office).

To learn more, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

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