According to a 2017 report, an astounding 35% of people in Canada suffer from untreated tooth decay and nearly 1 million people suffer from severe tooth loss. Repairing or replacing teeth can be a very timely and uncomfortable ordeal but did you know that it is possible to walk into a dental clinic and walk out with a set of new teeth all in the same day? (We are not talking about dentures here) The all on 4 procedure make this thought a reality.

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If the timeline of a one-day procedure seemed too good to be true, that is because there is a small catch. The actual procedure does happen in its entirety in a single day. However, there is some preparation work that needs to be done.

The Procedure

The beauty of the all on 4 procedure is that no matter what, you will only need 4 implants or whatever the dentist would determine and discuss (sometimes you might need 5 or 6). This is how it works. During the operation, a set of teeth will be created to fit and match the dimensions of your mouth. Meanwhile, your dentist will drill 4 holes (or more) into the bone surface that used to hold your teeth. Part of the preparation work includes making sure that you have enough bone surface to drill without having to (Graft) attach fake bones to extend the surface. Once the holes are created, metal threaded inserts are pushed inside. The set of teeth is placed on top and screwed securely into place with screws and your procedure is complete.

Why should you do the All on 4?

The main obvious benefit of the All on 4 procedure is how quickly and efficiently it could be done. Having all teeth in a row on 4 (or more) implants greatly reduces the time required to complete the treatment. In addition to efficiency, the All on 4 procedure is a very comfortable solution for many people. The implants are fitted perfectly to ensure that no movement occurs. This is very good news for patients who use dentures and hate how uncomfortable they could be.

Get it fixed once. Get all on 4

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Are you eligible for an All on 4 procedure?

If you have noticed a displacement of teeth, experience difficulty with chewing, lack of gum support and/or having difficulty while speaking due to denture movement, then you could be eligible for the All on 4 procedure. It is necessary to come in for a consultation and a scan to determine whether you actually need it and if you are physically able to have it.

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