Dental checkup refers to a comprehensive physical examination of a patient’s oral health and teeth by a dentist for the purpose of detecting any symptoms of a disease. Sometimes, it is accompanied by teeth cleaning using specialized agents, usually before the checkup in order to allow a clear view of the teeth’s surfaces. Many dentists recommend dental checkup and cleaning at least once in every six months.

Dental Checkup and Cleaning in mississauga

Dental Cleaning in Mississauga?
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Why Do You Need Dental Checkup & Cleaning?

If you’re wondering what the point of dental checkups and cleanings is, the following are reasons why it is important and should not be trivialized:

  • Early detection of oral cancer – Without detecting oral cancer early, it can quickly progress and become untreatable. However, regular checkups can lead to its early diagnosis and treatment
  • Plaque, tartar, and cavities – Plaque buildup can turn into tar and ultimately cause cavities without the intervention of regular checkups and cleanings
  • Gum disease/gingivitis – Without professional cleaning, tartar buildup can spread to the base of the teeth, thereby infecting the gum and making it to pull away and weaken teeth support
  • Checking for bad habits –Regular checkups allow your dentists to detect some of your bad habits that affect your teeth, such as ice chewing, nails biting, jaw clenching, and teeth grinding among others
  • Uncover problems underneath the mouth’s surface –dental checkups sometimes involve x-ray imaging that allows the dental professionals to diagnose issues that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye

Avoid Plaque, Tartar, and Cavities

Our professional teeth cleaning can prevent plaque buildup, tar, and cavities

What to Expect During Dental Checkup

The first step involves cleaning and polishing your teeth. Typically, this is done using a hand scraper to remove tar from your teeth. Your dentist then uses a rotating rubber brush to smoothen the surface and eliminate remaining stains.

Additionally, the dental hygienist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your mouth, gums, and teeth. This is done using a special tool that measures the “pockets” between the gums and teeth to determine the presence of cavities, and X-rays to uncover problems underneath your mouth’s surface.

In case a problem is detected, your dentist will either recommend specific treatment or refer you to a specialist who deals with the nature of your dental problems, such as an endodontist, an orthodontist or a periodontist.

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At Mississauga Smiles Dentistry, we offer affordable dental checkups and cleaning services to all patients living in the city and the surrounding regions within Ontario. Our dentists are qualified and experienced, and we offer flexible consultation schedules. Besides, we help our patients to process their health insurance claims and have regular offers on various services.

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Dental Checkup in Mississauga?
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